Chihuahua Jack Russel Mix – All You Need To Know

Looking for a low maintenance dog that’s sweet, playful, and fun to be around?

Well, look no further than the jack russell chihuahua mix. Contrary to what you might think, they have a huge personality crammed into their small body. Energetic, loyal, affectionate, and intelligent are few words that can describe the chihuahua jack russell mix.

This breed seems to be the perfect choice for some families as it can also handle apartment living. This adorable crossbreed is sure to bring fun, entertainment, and love to your home.

But before you think of getting one, let’s dig deeper into this jack russell chihuahua mix to uncover truths and facts about it. This will aid you to make an informed decision.

The Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix

From the name you already understand that it’s a crossbreed between the Jack Russell terrier and the chihuahua. It is informally known as “jack chi” (not taichi). It is also known by other fun nicknames such as jackhuahua or jackahuahua. Yeah, I agree… jack chi sounds way better.

So what do we know about the origin of the Jack Chi? Well, to get an insight into the history of its existence let’s first look at that of the parent breeds.

Originally bred for hunting activities in the UK, the Jack Russell terrier has been around since the 1800s. They are very instinctive dogs that have a high prey drive towards little furry animals such as squirrels or rabbits. It was quite later that they were incorporated into the household as a family pet. The Jack Russell is known to be a vocal dog because of its barking. They are a popular dog breed when it comes to crossbreeding.

As for the Chihuahua, there are several theories about where it first originated. Nevertheless, the Chihuahua we know today came from the Mexican state of Chihuahua. Asides being the national dog of Mexico, the Chihuahua is also a must-have for many celebrities due to its toy size. Do not look down on it because of size, the chihuahua has a gargantuan personality.

Having gotten a little info about parent breeds, the Jack Russell Chihuahua mix was developed in American to satisfy the need for a great companion who can adapt to modern living. Being a designer dog, it isn’t recognized by the American kennel club or any authorized body. Though that doesn’t stop people from loving it and wanting one.


 jack russell chihuahua mix

When it comes to designer breeds, one thing that is certain is uncertainties. You don’t really know how a chihuahua jack russell mix puppy would turn out until it’s grown. Even among the same litter, you’ll find pups with different trait combos from both parents. That being said, we can guess based on the looks of the parent breed.

You can expect the Jack Chi to be a toy dog since both parent breeds are small dogs. From paw to shoulder, the jack russell chihuahua mix could grow up to 10 – 15 inches tall while weighing about 8 – 18 pounds. Males and females vary as the latter tend to be smaller.

They usually have a short shiny coat that is rather dense. The coat length might be longer depending on the length of the parent chihuahua’s coat. The pups can appear in any color of both parents. Though the common ones are; white, black, cream, golden and dark brown.

All chihuahua jack russell mix has large and round eyes like the chihuahua while having a triangular-shaped head just like their Jack Russell parent. They have a long but heavily muscled body as well as a short neck.

Their tails tend to curl and they have short legs. The jack russell chihuahua mix could have erect or floppy ears depending on which parent they look like the most.


The temperament or personality of the Jack Chi will depend on which traits your dog inherits from his parent breeds and in what ratio. Otherwise, the jack russell chihuahua mix is known to be a clingy but bright and lively puppy.

The chihuahua is relaxed and easygoing while Jack Russell is more high spirited and energetic. You should brace yourself for a very vibrant puppy as you get the Jack Chi. Though if he inherits more of his characteristics from the chihuahua, then it’ll dampen out some of the hyperactivity from the jack russell.

The chihuahua jack russell mix is loyal and dedicated to having quality time with his family. But unfortunately, due to this trait, they easily fall into separation anxiety if you leave them alone for too long. To regain your attention they may become vocal and start barking or yapping which can certainly be annoying. Alternatively, they can give into their destructive powers and start chewing on things when bored or lonely.

The chihuahua jack russell mix isn’t ideal for families with very young children. This is because they might hurt or stress the dog though unintentionally. Even though Jack Chi isn’t usually aggressive, he becomes all growly when mishandled.

The jack russell chihuahua mix mingles well with other dogs. That said, if you have smaller animals such as cats around, you need to be extra careful. As they still possess the prey instinct from their Jack Russell parent which makes any smaller animal a game to be hunted.


One thing to know about the chihuahua jack russell mix is that he has a strong personality. If unchecked, your furry friend will assume the role of the boss and take charge. This would only make training more difficult as he’ll tend to neglect you. The best thing to do is to start training your dog from day one.

Like I said earlier, the jack russell chihuahua mix loves to be the alpha if left unguided. His training gets all the more complicated due to the stubbornness inherited from his chihuahua parent. Patience and perseverance are what will get you through this training phase.

It’s been confirmed that the best way to train a dog is through positive reinforcement, not punishment. Giving them rewards whenever they do something right makes the training process easier.

The jack russell chihuahua mix is a skilled escape artist thanks to his jack russell blood. To avoid missing dog stories, make sure to fence your yard or keep them on a leash while out there. Also, they love digging. This is not something you can stop, instead, train them to have a digging spot in the yard and not on your sofa.

To keep this vibrant puppy from getting bored, try to stimulate him mentally by playing games. And keep your training sessions brief while avoiding repetitions.

Due to his prey instinct and tendency to hunt other smaller animals, early socialization would be beneficial to your chihuahua jack russell mix.


The chihuahua jack russell mix is an active and energetic dog that needs exercise to burn through pent-up energy to stay healthy and happy. One or two walks a day for about half an hour is good enough.

They enjoy a lot of playtimes too and will be cheerful playing with other dogs in the park or running around in the backyard.

You can engage them in other canine sports such as agility, they love it. Going hiking with your jack russell chihuahua mix isn’t bad either. Though make sure to provide your dog with a warm coat during the cold season as they don’t do well with the cold.


Since they’re small dogs, they won’t be eating much compared to many dogs out there. For a fully grown chihuahua jack russell mix, a cup of high-quality dry food daily will do. Keep in mind that their diet requirements tend to change as they grow.

Quality of dog food is important to ensure growth and good health. It needs to contain all the necessary nutrients in the right proportions.

Since the jack russell chihuahua mix is a small dog, his body can’t handle too much weight. Therefore it’s important that you watch the weight of your dog and how much you feed him.

If you’re confused about how to go about the proper nutrition of your dog, then it’s best to seek advice from your vet or a pet nutritionist.

Health-Related Problems

Designer dogs tend to be healthier than their purebred parents. This is due to genetic variations as the gene pool will be diluted hence the frequency of those diseases reduce.

However, they’re still at risk of inheriting some disease conditions prevalent in their parent breeds. As for the chihuahua jack russell mix, there are some conditions to look out for such as;

  • Luxating patella
  • Cardiac diseases
  • Collapsed trachea
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Legg-calves-perthes disease

Nevertheless, Jack Chis are generally healthy and can live for up to 13 – 15 years. While you own a dog, the best thing would be to always be on a lookout for symptoms.


chihuahua  jack russell mix

They aren’t termed low maintenance for nothing. The chihuahua jack russell mix has a short but dense coat that sheds minimally (not hypoallergenic though). So you can literally save hours on grooming time. Jack Chi just needs to be brushed once or twice a week to keep their coat healthy and shiny.

To avoid bad odor and germ buildup, brush his teeth like twice a week. Also, wipe the ears using a cotton ball and warm water. While there, always check for any sign of infection. Always try to keep your dog’s nails trimmed but be careful while you do it.

Getting A Chihuahua Jack Russell Mix

Now we’ll be talking money. Getting a jack russell chihuahua mix puppy would cost around $200 – 750. This is highly dependent on several factors such as breeder’s reputation, location, the appearance of the puppy, etc. Be wary of puppies sold for very low prices, they aren’t very safe.

Always endeavor to deal with a reputable breeder. And remember to request for the parent’s health clearances to be sure your puppy is safe from common disease conditions. Also,  being able to interact with the parents and siblings can give you an idea of your puppy’s temperament and how they’d grow up to be.

Alternatively, you could rescue a Jack Chi from a shelter if you’re not willing to go through training a puppy. It might be a bit difficult to find the jack russell chihuahua mix in a rescue shelter but you’d find one if you keep looking.

You might be lucky to be offered to take the dog home on a trial basis. This is just to find out if that specific chihuahua jack russell mix is suitable for your family. If it is, you can now buy but if not you’re free to return him.

Final Thoughts

The chihuahua jack russell mix is a playful and energetic dog that can live anywhere, garden or not.

You might have a tough time while training the jack russell chihuahua mix, but you’ll be rewarded with companionship on a whole other level.

They’re fun-loving and loyal dogs that cherish to spend time with their owner.

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